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Drawbar Service & Inspection Plan

Our drawbar service and inspection plan is offered to fleet operators using VBG drawbar equipment.

In recent years the number of drawbar trailers on the road has increased greatly. As with semi trailers the connection between the prime mover and trailer is a very safety critical area and the consequences of a trailer becoming detached from a prime mover are potentially very serious. We believe therefore that the safe operation and proper monitoring of the condition of couplings is of vital importance.

For a number of years Turners Commercials have been providing a service consisting of regular inspections and preventative maintenance of couplings and trailer eyes. Below is a summary of what we offer.

Regular coupling and trailer drawbar eye inspections and servicing carried out at the customers premises (usually every 6 or 12 weeks).

  • Reports for each vehicle and trailer, detailing checks made, measurements, any action required/taken, parts fitted etc.
  • Copies of each report emailed as PDF file to the customer.


  • Peace of mind knowing that this important equipment is being checked and maintained on a regular basis.
  • Worn parts can be replaced in a more timely manner to avoid more costly wear or damage to other components.
  • Documents to show that your company is taking care over this "Safety Critical" area of trailer coupling.
  • We have specialist knowledge and experience of the product.
  • Our service vans are stocked with a full range of spare parts which enables us to rectify most faults and replace worn or damaged parts without delay or the need for a return visit.


With our range of specialist tools and equipment we are able to undertake almost any repair on site quickly and efficiently. For example: The removal of an old coupling and fitting of a complete new coupling can be done in less than 2 hours. To remove an old mechanism and fit new complete with new bushing can be done in less than 1 hour. Thus keeping vehicle down time to a minimum.


Currently we are able to offer this service to customers within a radius of approximately 70 miles from our base but do please contact us if you are interested.